Frequently Asked Questions

What spanking roles can we play?

Roles like Aunt, Teacher/Student, Boss/Employee, Adult Babysitter/Adult Charge

Can you spank hard?

Yes, I can read your body and spank you up to or just beyond your personal limits. Let me know your level of intensity. I use the 'red, green, yellow" system.

Will there be any sexual contact?


Can we speak on the phone?

Contact me privately.

Can you provide an audience or witnesses for my spanking?

Yes, I have a few friends who enjoy watching spanking. The fee is $100 per hour on top of the tribute.

What implements do you have?

Wooden and leather paddles, strap, hairbrush, bathbrush, slippers, and feel free to bring your own approved implements.

How much is your tribute?

$160 per hour for spanking. 

Trish's Hard Limits

No blood or cuts. No sexual contact. No face slapping.

How can I contact you?

Use my Contact Form or email me at :

FAQs last updated: January 2019